Prof (Dr.) Kaushal Kishor Srivastava – Director

From Director’s Desk

Dear All stake holders,

The Directorate is committed to provide quality higher education to all those young or old ,male ,female or trans gender  ,employed , unemployed or retired ,abled or differently  abled ,residing in geographically accessible or inaccessible area  ,rich or poor  ,public men or home centric provided they desire for the same and provided further that they fulfill the statutory academic and other eligibility criteria prescribed by the University.

The Directorate is further committed to award such a degree on successful completion of the coursethat has the same recognition in the employment and academic fields as the equivalent degree obtained from traditional system of education.

The Directorate shall ensure more flexibility of educational qualification in admission, allow entry in part 2 and higher parts of a course having more than one year duration of the course to a student who has completed part 1 of  traditional system of the same course of the University.

As mandated by the U.G.C. the Directorate shall allow a student of the University or other University to pursue add on course simultaneously i.e. a student admitted for degree in the University or some other University may take admission in the Distance mode for a certificate or diploma course but not a degree course and vice-versa.


The minimum duration  for completion of a course shall be the same as required in the traditional course, but normal maximum period of completion of a course shall be twice the normal period i.e. if a course is of two years duration a student can pass out in a minimum of two and maximum of four years. However, if a student fails in the allowed maximum period but still desires to get the degree then the learner would be required to take admission in the course de novo.

The Directorate shall strive hard to provide “Third generation distance Education”

The Directorate shall provide teaching through ODL mode in phases  in all those programs in which teaching is provided in the University through regular mode.We have prepared the Self Learning materials and are geared up to launch the course. Since the U.G.C-D.E.B. has not been armed with a regulation by the MHRD to enable them to grant recognition to new ODL institutions,we are awaiting the process to start,in the meanwhile , the recognition of the 2 yrs B.Ed. (O.D.L.) by the NCTE is in the pipeline.

Soliciting co-operation of one and all in providing quality education through ODL mode.